Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The kids sure do love to play tug-of-war! 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hello families, it's Ms. Carruth! Mr. Clarke will be away for the rest of this week, and may be away for some of next week, so I will be with the kids until he returns!

Homework updates:

Language Arts: Haiku poem due tomorrow (Thurs)
        *If the students have not already handed in their Limerick and Colour poems,
         please bring them.

Math: Grade 6- No homework! (Good job studying for your test today!)
           Grade 5- 4 division questions due tomorrow (Thurs)

Science: The Wheel and Axle experiment write-up (extended to Fri)
          *If the students have not brought in their past experiments (The Lever experiments (2), and                         the Pulley, please bring them in, otherwise, I do not have a mark for those!)      

      Happy Thursday!
          Ms. Carruth

Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday May 22, 2015

Today our Math class had to be shortened quite a bit in the morning so we could attend a presentation on the Port of Vancouver.

So this afternoon we had another Math class.

Only this time the topic was Probability.

And candy was involved.

Which is against school policy.

Shame, that.

Did the students have fun? Yes! 

Did they learn anything about Probability?


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015 (Homework updates!)

Just some reminders for the week!

Due for next Thursday, May 28th:

Math Grade 5: Long division and short division work

Science: Complete Simple Machines lab on "the pulley."

Language Arts: Limerick poem

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wednesday May 20, 2015

Yesterday many of our students competed to see if they qualified in field events to compete at Swangard Stadium in June. We will have the results shortly.

Homework for Thursday (May 21) or Friday (May 22):

Gr. 5:  Sign geometry quiz (F); study 12 times tables
Gr. 6:  p. 229 # 1-3 (Th)

Gr. 5:  Equal groups worksheet (Th)

Language Arts:
Colour poem (Th)

Lever Observations and conclusions (Th)
**** For those students who are late handing in their Science experiment write-up, that needs to be in Mr. Clarke's hands Friday. It should be typed, so if any issues arise, the student should bring what they have to school on a USB memory stick so it can be finished and printed at school.

Gr. 5: pg 144-146 (Try This)
Gr. 6: pg 94 (Try This) + p. 95 # 3

practice Days of the week and months of the year... see documents below:

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

First, congratulations to all the athletes who competed at the Handsworth Qualification track meet this afternoon.

Since so many were absent in the afternoon we completed our new studies in the morning.

Digestive System:
We worked on understanding peristalsis and involuntary muscles in general.

Thunder Cave... we have almost completed our read-aloud... if time permits we might be able to finish it this week.

Look for EduPac school supply order forms to come home this week. They are optional, but if you find it convenient, the deadline for returning the forms will be May 22, 2015. In any case, the forms will help you understand what supplies your Grade 6 or Grade 7 child will need next year.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is a combination Inquiring Minds/ Fun Day, so sunscreen for the late morning/early afternoon and a hat would be a good idea.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Monday May 11, 2015

We're delighted Ms. Anna Carruth has so ably taken Ms. Weiss's place on Thursdays, and also happy to learn that Ms. Weiss and her baby are both doing well.

Tomorrow is, for Track athletes, their chance to qualify at a Track Qualification meet at Handsworth Secondary. Best of luck to all our Track athletes. Field athletes will similarly have a chance to qualify in their events next week.

Wednesday 13 May will be a combined "Inquiring Minds" multi-age activity in the morning and our traditional Fun Day in the afternoon with our regular 2 pm dismissal.

Meanwhile, in Math, I've delayed the day of the Math test for Grade 5s until this Friday. Grade 5s completed their test today on the 8 times tables, and we look forward to the next, and last: the 12 times tables.

In Science students got a 2-page handout (see below) on the Digestive System. They will be required to know where each of the dozen and a half parts of the digestive system we've covered.

In Social Studies, Grade 5s have begun a review of recently covered topics in Transportation and Communication in preparation for a test sometime next week.

Here is the Digestive System 2-pager we started working on today:

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hello families!!

I am Miss Carruth! I will be teaching Mr. Clarke's class every Thursday until the end of the school year now that Ms. Weiss is home with her new baby boy. I am very excited to be here with this great group of kids, and am very much looking forward to the coming weeks.

Homework Reminders:

 Math: Grade 5 (with Miss Carruth) - Finish probability handout for next Thursday.
          **Grade 5's have a probability test next Thursday.
           Grade 5 (with Mr. Clarke) - pg. 251 #5-8 for Friday (May 8)
           Grade 6 (with Mr. Kelly) - Pg. 213

Science: (with Miss Carruth) Finish Lever Observations handout for next Thursday.

Language Arts: (with Miss Carruth) Finish draft of one-page short story writing for next Thursday.
**(If your story is longer than one page, only one page is due for Thursday.)

Friday, 1 May 2015

Goodbye to our salmon friends! We successfully released 97 wild salmon back into their home watershed, where in several weeks they will head down river to the mouth of the river where they will fatten up, and get used to the salt water. Then, in a month or more, with millions of others, they will soon migrate out of Burrard Inlet to spend the next 4 years in the open Pacific Ocean. Just think, thanks to our efforts, 4 years from now when our students are in Grades 9 and 10, those same salmon will return at the end of their lives to spawn in our rivers and perpetuate the life cycle!

Reminder: It is a District-wide Professional Day on Monday. Students do not attend school.


Gr. 6:  Triangle sheet handout (T)
Gr. 5:  p. 250 # 1-4
(Gr 5s will have a test on this chapter in Geometry when we finish with p. 250/251)

If Grade 5s need dot paper (triangular or square), they can download and print this 2-page doc here: